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Call for Expressions of Interest: Training on the rights-based approach – 2017
Venue: To be confirmed by the applying organisation
Application deadline: 30/09/2017 23:59 (CET)
Description of event: AIMS & OBJECTIVES
The aim of this ad-hoc training is to build the capacity of YFJ's member organisations in understanding and implementing a rights-based approach throughout their work. A very brief introduction to the rights-based approach is available here:

The objectives of the training are:
• To introduce participants to the rights-based approach (RBA),
• To equip participants with the necessary competences to implement a rights-based approach in the MO’s context and throughout their work,
• To develop the organisation’s awareness of the value of the rights-based approach for their work in advancing youth rights.

The specific objectives of the training will be adjusted to the needs of the organisation and the participants.

Two training options are available: a 1-day training course or a 2-day training course.

The 1-day course includes:
• Introduction to human rights
• Comparing needs-based vs. rights-based approach
• Understanding rights holders and duty bearers
• Principles of the rights-based approach
• Applying the rights-based approach in practice internally – identifying opportunities

The 2-day course includes everything covered in the 1-day course, plus:
• Needs analysis and assessment of the organisation
• Applying the rights-based approach externally
• Implementation of the rights-based approach

It is highly desirable that the organisation has plans to implement or mainstream the RBA throughout its work.

Selected members of the Pool of Trainers and Facilitators of the European Youth Forum who have been trained in the rights-based approach will provide the training. The training will use participatory, interactive and hands-on methods.
Theme: Rights-based approach, youth rights
This training is offered to those member organisations of the Forum who wish to understand and mainstream a rights-based approach throughout their work. Joint applications by youth organisations based in the same region/country are highly encouraged. It is advisable to link the training to another meeting (national or international) that your organisation may already have planned in order to maximise the impact and minimise costs.

The applicant organisation must comply with the following criteria:
• Be a member organisation of the European Youth Forum
• Be interested in and have a plan to introduce and encourage the mainstreaming of a rights-based approach within the organisation
• Be able to organise the training for a group of between 6 to 24 people max.
• Be able to receive the training in English (unless there are trainers available to provide the training in the requested language)

The requested training should be addressed to members of the organisation (or members of members) who are interested in better understanding the rights-based approach and implementing it, regardless of status (staff/volunteer) and capacity (e.g. trainer, project coordinator, youth leader, support/volunteers, evaluator, etc.). Prior knowledge or experience of participants in human rights or human rights education is desirable, particularly for organisations requesting a 1-day training.

Whenever possible, organisations are encouraged to target participants from more than one country, in order to expand the scope of the training.

Applications that fulfil the criteria will be reviewed on a first-come-first-served basis and be informed on the selection as soon as possible. Please note that the budget available is limited and the Forum may not be able to respond to all the expressions of interest received.
Additional infos: BACKGROUND
The Youth Forum has included a rights-based approach in its work plan for several years, and since 2015 has provided training to member organisations to implement the RBA throughout their work. Have a look at the implementation of the Rights-Based Approach in the Youth Forum’s work on education ( and employment (

YFJ’s definition of a Rights-Based Approach is:

Young people, like all other human beings, are entitled to the full respect, protection and promotion of their human rights and fundamental freedoms. The Forum adopts a rights-based approach to youth policy that integrates the norms, standards and principles of the international human rights system into the development, implementation and evaluation of youth policy. A rights-based approach means that we:
• Empower young people to claim, exercise and defend their rights and fulfil their responsibilities through their active participation in society
• Encourage mutually accountable partnership between young people and duty bearers responsible for validating youth rights;
• Actively work against the discrimination of young people on age or any other grounds, and towards ensuring the full inclusion of youth within society.

• Date and place of the training: the training should be scheduled to take place by the end of November 2017.
• Trainers' costs: The European Youth Forum will cover travel and per diem costs for the selected trainer/s. The organisation requesting the training is asked to cover the trainer’s accommodation and meal costs.
• Agenda of the meeting: the agenda will be designed based on the needs of the organisation and sent to participants ahead of the event. The organisation will therefore be consulted by the trainer on the draft agenda.
• Language of the training: English (unless the selected trainer has other language skills suitable for the target audience of the training requested)

Applications will be accepted and processed on a rolling, first come first served basis until Sunday 30th September. Applications should ideally be sent at least 6-8 weeks in advance of the desired training date.

For any questions related to this training, you may contact George-Konstantinos Charonis at the European Youth Forum Secretariat at: