European Youth Forum for youth rights

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Venue: Brussels, Belgium
From: 17/04/2020
To: 18/04/2020
Application deadline: 17/03/2020 23:59 (CET)
Description of event: Dear Member Organisations,

In accordance with article 4.1.5 and 4.2.3 of the Statutes of the European Youth Forum, we kindly invite your delegates to attend the next Council of Members – Extraordinary General Assembly of the European Youth Forum (COMEM), which will take place on 17-18 April 2020. The COMEM will take place in Brussels, Belgium.

The Council of Members is when we all come together to discuss, debate and agree on what we need to do together to improve the lives of young people in Europe. We thus look forward with excitement to see many of you to join this event.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the COMEM and thank you for your continuous support and fight for youth rights.

With kind regards,
Selection criteria: As stated in articles A.1.2. and C.1.1 of the Rules of Procedure, each Member Organisation is entitled to delegate ONE representative to the COMEM. This refers to the official delegate, whose travel costs will, therefore, be reimbursed, and their accommodation covered for the duration of the meeting.

Please note that extra delegates (above and beyond the one delegate to which your organisation is entitled) will incur extra costs to be covered by the Member Organisation.
Additional infos: - Please look in 'attachments' for reference prices and the notice.

- Please note that delegates will be accommodated in twin rooms. If you have a preference for the person you want to share with, please send an e-mail (both delegates) to before 17/03/2020.

- Please note that if you do not indicate your meal preference, you will be counted as vegetarian.

- We are implementing a ‘Gender Watch’ during this COMEM as well. The aim is to raise awareness about the contributions with regards to gender, as well as to encourage a safe space and equality in representation of different gender identities. For purposes of having accurate data for this exercise, in the following form, we will kindly ask you to indicate your pronoun (eg. she, he, they). Your answer will help us not to make any pre-assumptions and in-appropriately report.