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This call is open only for members of the Pool of Experts and Trainers of the European Youth Forum.
Call for 5 Trainers for Training for Trainers on youth participation and advocacy - The 25 Percent
Venue: Online
From: 01/06/2021
To: 15/07/2021
Application deadline: 13/05/2021 23:59 (CET)
Description of event: BACKGROUND

We are opening a call for 5 trainers to deliver 2 training for trainers each for the partners of the project The 25 Percent, led by the European Youth Forum. As part of the project, each of our 10 partners need to organise a set of local and national events where a 90 minutes workshop on youth participation and advocacy is delivered. The workshop is developed by three experts of the collective Organising for Change. The 5 trainers from the YFJ PoT will attend a training for trainers delivered by Organising for Change and then replicate the same training two times.

Project partners are:
-Spanish Youth Council
-Austrian National Youth Council
-National Youth Forum of Bulgaria
-Cyprus Youth Council
-National Youth Council of Ireland
-Phiren Amenca
-European Disability Forum
-Forum Of European Muslim Youth And Student Organisations
-Erasmus Students Network
-Rural Youth Europe


Max. 10 trainers from the partner organisations of the project. Each of the T4T delivered by the YFJ PoT will target uniquely one partner organisation (the participants will be all coming from the same organisation).
The T4T will be delivered online in the month of June and early July.
The trainer from the YFJ PoT will liaise with the two partner organisations to identify dates for the T4T which are suitable for both parties. Trainings for the five National Youth Councils would ideally be delivered in their national language.


-To replicate the Training for Trainers developed by Organising for Change.
-To enable trainers from the Pool of Trainers of the project partners to deliver a 90 minutes workshop on youth participation and advocacy during local and national events.

We are seeking applications from candidates that respond as much as possible to the following profile:
-Experience with facilitation of training for trainers
-Experience on the topic of advocacy and European citizenship
-Preferably, fluency in one of the following languages and ability to deliver a training in that language: German, Bulgarian, Greek, Spanish.
-Ability to work with groups from different backgrounds.
-Understanding of the reality of local youth organisations.

The selected trainer-facilitators are expected to work in line with the following requirements:
-To commit to this process from the beginning to the end;
-To be available on 1 and 2 June between 5 and 8 pm CEST to attend the Training for Trainers delivered by Organising for Change.
-To replicate the same training for two partner organisations. If the training is to be delivered in a language other than English translation of the workshop outline will be provided.
-To liaise with the partner organisation (with support of the Youth Forum) to adapt the training methodology to their needs and to find suitable dates for the delivery of the T4T at the latest by mid-July.
-To work according to the timeline of the Youth Forum.
-To work in collaboration with appointed Youth Forum staff and an external expert.

Adaptation of the training methodology to the needs of the partner organisation.
Delivery of 2 T4T of 6 hours in total between June and mid-July 2021.


Expected remunerated working days per trainer-facilitator:
-1 day attending the T4T
-1 day adapting the methodology
-1 day liaising with partner organisation
-1 day delivery

Each trainer will receive a remuneration of 500 Euro (VAT excluded) following the completion of these services (based on provided invoice).