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Call for members of the EYC Revamp Group
Venue: Tbd
Application deadline: 09/07/2021 23:59 (CET)
Description of event: Do you have experience with the European Youth Capital project?
Have you been involved in the preparation and execution of the EYC title in a given city?
Do you believe in the potential of change brought by the EYC?

We are looking to form a group of people eager to share views and experiences on the EYC, with the aim of providing recommendations on how to improve the visibility, legitimacy, sustainability and impact of this initiative.
We would like to hear from the member organisations who have been part or are interested in the EYC in order to better shape the project so that cities and youth organisations can take a higher profit from their participation, aiming at ensuring long term synergies between decision-makers and young people.

Your support will be valuable in providing insights from a specific angle, as we debate the project’s weaknesses to be overcome and strengths to be fostered.

The ‘EYC Revamp Group' will be formed by members of the Youth Forum’s board and secretariat, and by representatives from member organisations and past and current EYCs.

Should you be interested in applying, please reply to the following questions.

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact Ivan Neirotti at
Number of participants: 3
Additional infos: An introductory meeting will take place in July and a first brainstorming session will be held after the summer break (early/mid-September).