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Call for facilitator: EUYD INGYOs meeting
Venue: Online
From: 28/01/2022
Application deadline: 18/01/2022 23:59 (CET)
Description of event: Background

The EU Youth Dialogue (EUYD) is a EU participatory process which ensures the involvement of young people in the decision-making process in the field of youth in Europe through an articulated dialogue between young people and decision makers. The EU Youth Dialogue supports the implementation of the EU Youth Strategy 2019-2027, and is a successor of the Structured Dialogue with young people.

The EU Youth Dialogue is organised in 18 month Cycles, following the framework of the Trio Presidency of the EU in the youth field. The current Cycle is running from January 2022 and will finish by June 2023, covering the French, Czech and Swedish Presidencies.

Read more about the EU Youth Strategy here:
Read more about the EU Youth Dialogue here:

The topic for this Cycle is focused on the Youth Goals #10 and #3 under the working title “Engaging together for a sustainable and inclusive Europe”. Read more about the upcoming cycle here:

International Non-Governmental Youth Organisations (INGYOs) are an integral part of the process and have an important role in bringing diverse European perspectives to the policy dialogue. They are ensuring quality input on the transnational dimension of the Youth Goal #3 and #10 and provide perspectives of young people from a wide geographical reach. In this cycle they will be collecting ideas on how to realise the Youth Goal #3 and #10 through roundtables with the EU institutional stakeholders. Moreover, through the networks and communication channels of the INGYOs, the EUYD will become more visible on the European level. There are 20 INGYOs currently taking part in the process.

The facilitator will help to set up and facilitate the first INGYOs meeting (online). The aim of the meeting is to support INGYOs in coming up with a plan and structure for their cooperation to organise the first INGYOs roundtable event.

The meeting will last 2-3 hours and will gather around 20 participants. The event will take place on the 28th of January 20202.

We are seeking applications from trainers and experts that respond as much as possible to the following profile:
- Be a member of the European Youth Forum Pool of Experts and Trainers.
- Have experience in designing and facilitating meetings, especially online.
- Have experience and good understanding of the youth field, especially the work of INGYOs.
- Have an advanced level of written and spoken English.

The selected trainer and expert are expected to work in line with the following requirements
- To be flexible and responsive.
- To work according to the timeline of the Youth Forum.
- To be available for online meetings.
- To respect deadlines.

Expected deliverables
- Concept note and agenda for the first INGYOs online meeting, including feedback provided by the Youth Forum.
- Facilitation of the first INGYOs online meeting.

The selection will be done, taking into consideration the above-listed profile and overall quality of the application.
Number of participants: 20
Additional infos: The maximum fee offered for the trainer is 500 EUR (VAT incl).